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laman tari azanin: the perfumed dance garden

Azanin Ahmad is Malaysia's foremost classical dancer, choreographer and artistic director. Over three decades she has created an unrivalled reputation as a unique artist, responsible for the recreation of the dance drama as a modern art form. In a series of pathbreaking productions her oeuvre has successfully bridged two worlds: the dance vocabulary, musical scores and aesthetic qualities from the ancient past; and the world of contemporary dance with its transnational influences from Southeast Asia and beyond.

In the past few years Azanin's creativity has found a new and unique expression. In 2006 she founded the Laman Tari Azanin (Azanin Dance Garden), a beautiful private garden and cultural centre set in the pristine rolling valleys of Selangor. It is a place 'where art and nature dance together'.

This portfolio of colour photographs by Dave Richards and Ismail Gareth Richards tries to capture the magical qualities of Laman Tari Azanin - its interiors, its exteriors and the dance. 

Interior I
Ismail Gareth Richards, Interior I, 2009

Fine art prints in 8x12" and 16x24" are available for sale. All prints are signed and titled by Ismail Gareth Richards or Dave Richards. The 8x12's are an open edition, while the larger size is a limited edition. All photographs are copyright Impress Creative & Editorial.

Please contact us for details and pricing information.

Interior 7

Exterior 6

Dance 5
The Dance