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One of the major ongoing projects of Ismail Gareth Richards is to create a portfolio of photograps of musicians, especially but not exclusively Malaysian musicians. The photographs are produced in black and white. This is the look of a certain style, above all the classic jazz photography of artists such as William Gottlieb and Herman Leonard. They are an acknowledged influence.

Most of the shots were taken in small club venues. This enables close-up work that tries to catch the tension and emotion and rhythm of the live performance. Perhaps at the same time some of the personality of and connectedness with the musician also emerges.

New Photographs of Four Jazz Greats from North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, 2010 

Gilberto Gil, 2010


 Craig Handy
Craig Handy, 2010

 Dee Dee
Dee Dee Bridgwater, 2010

James Carter

James Carter, 2010

Fine art prints in 8x10" and 16x20" are available for sale. All prints are signed and titled by Ismail Gareth Richards. The 8x10's are an open edition, while the larger size is a limited edition. All photographs are copyright Impress Creative & Editorial.

Please contact us for details and pricing information.

 Sufiah Noor

Man Kidal
Guitarists and Bassists

Michael Veerapen
Pianists and Accordionists

Horns and Harmonics

Raphael Geronimo