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writing and editorial

PenImpress has many years' experience in the areas of research, writing and editing. Our ethos is to offer high-quality services with the flexibility required by individual clients. This means informed research (including specialised fields), compelling writing and effective editing of copy. Our clients have included SIRD/Gerakbudaya, University of Malaya Press, Areca Books, Suasana Cultural Centre and Provectus.



Our services include:

  • copyediting: writing compelling copy from scratch based on clients' creative input for a huge range of outputs - advertorials, annual reports, brochures, books, magazines, press releases, marketing materials, scripts, speeches, web pages 
  • editing: a full range of input from light copyediting through proofreading to re-writing, full editing and indexing, including suggesting or improving areas that would benefit from further development or major revision 
  • proofreading: from brief scans of texts reviewing and correcting obvious errors to revision of grammatical errors, format inconsistencies and inaccurate word usage in order to ensure sound overall readability

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