Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson

Visual artist

The Malaysian artist Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson is a weaver and textile designer by training, an influence that is a recurring motif in her work as a visual artist. Colour, pattern and texture feature in all her current portfolio of prints and paintings on paper. She is working to expand on the themes of women, sex and botany for a further solo exhibition on a much larger scale than her recent Forbidden Fruit show (Penang, 2019). Rebecca moves between her studios in Penang, Malaysia, and Piemonte, Italy. 

“The routine daily practices of writing, sketching and painting have helped me visualise what I want my images to say and look like.”

“My pattern-making has brought me back in touch with the practice of being spontaneous with my colour choices and my hand, the strokes that I make.”

The Pattern Book

Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson presents a unique and very personal artwork, The Pattern Book: a singular handmade book of thirty gouache pattern paintings and five giclee limited-edition prints. The Pattern Book is a visual diary of emotions across thirty days – responses to the artist’s feelings after she awakens each day. They are feelings in colour, emerging as different patterns, physical manifestations of emotions. Colours reflect emotions: heat and coolness, calm and panic, success and frustration, happiness and sadness. These are not opposites. They intersect in unanticipated ways. The colours and emergent patterns are both spontaneous and elemental. 

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