About Us

Our Story

Impress Creative and Editorial was founded in 2008, and was originally based in Kuala Lumpur before relocating to the Unesco world heritage site of George Town, Penang, Malaysia.

For many years our portfolio concentrated on all facets of editorial work, with a focus on high-quality academic publications on Southeast Asia. In 2020 we expanded our partnership to foster a new approach to the representation of creative talents.

Today we are one of the fastest-growing full-service agencies specialising in creators, dedicated to delivering excellence through partnership.

Our work is guided by five principles

Creative ambition

We put the creative ambitions of our clients at the heart of what we do. We’re here to help people shape their ideas and get to where they want to be.

Personal approach

We believe in a personal approach to client relationships, based on long-term partnership and trust, working with our experienced team to open up potential.

Strategic grounding

We work with clients to develop a creative and editorial strategy that maps out a clear road to critical and commercial success.

Into the new

We’re keen to break with conventions and embrace new thinking with our clients: unconventional ideas, critical intelligence, unexpected connections.


We’re focused on making things happen quickly and delivering real creative and editorial impact – and that means getting the right deals and pushing for the best for the people we represent.

Chammaine Tan
Director of Impress Creative and principal agent

Chammaine Tan is a curator, photographer and part-time manager at Gerakbudaya Bookshop Penang, and a director of Impress Creative and Editorial responsible for creators’ representation. With an original approach to campaigns, her expertise includes media relations, events, partnerships, digital marketing, copywriting and social media strategy.

Chammaine’s clients include Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, Nicolas Havette, Rebecca Wilkinson, Vignes Balasingam, Aida Redza, Tay Cher Siang and S.C. Shekar. She has a long-standing interest in the visual arts and literature. In 2020 she curated an exhibition for Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson’s The Pattern Book, and is coordinating the Fortunes: The Last Days without a Name exhibition for the French artist Nicolas Havette, recipient of the first Penang Artist in Residence Award.

As a photographer, Chammaine has a roster of commercial clients, has had commissions for international organisations such as the Commonwealth Foundation and publishers, and is developing a portfolio of her own images.

Gareth Richards
Director of Impress Editorial and principal editor

Gareth Richards is a writer, editor and bookseller. He is the founding director of Impress Creative and Editorial, the owner of Gerakbudaya Bookshop Penang, and co-founded the arts space Hikayat. He previously taught at Manchester University, the University of the Philippines and Universiti Malaya.

Gareth has been the editor for some of the leading scholars of Southeast Asia, specialising in the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, politics and more. Among his major academic clients are NUS Press, University of Pennsylvania Press, Springer, Routledge, Wiley-Blackwell, USM Press and Torkel Opsahl, while local publishers include SIRD and Areca Books.

Gareth is the co-author/editor of Asia–Europe interregionalism: Critical Perspectives (1999), the writer of the texts for two books of photography: Portraits of Penang: Little India (2011) and Panicrama (2016) as well as articles on film, dance, literature and music. He is currently writing a book on the artist Ch’ng Kiah Kiean. He is a member of the juries for the Penang Book Prize and Epigram Fiction Prize.

Ruzanna M. Zuknik
Writer and editor

Ruzanna M. Zuknik is a writer and editor, with many years of experience working with Malaysian and international clients. Her portfolio for Impress Editorial focuses in particular on content writing and all aspects of editing for corporations and for media companies.

With an educational background in science, Ruzanna has an equal passion for literature and the arts, balancing the values of empirical knowledge and creative imagination. She has written and edited in the areas of the Islamic economy, science and technology, arts and culture, food and beverage, research and development, branding and marketing, finance, and consumer behaviour. Her major clients include Shapers Malaysia for the Malaysia International Halal Showcase and World Halal Summit, Thomson Reuters Dubai for Salaam Gateway and My Salaam, and Panasonic Japan for the magazine Aspire Lifestyles.

Ruzanna also has wide-ranging experience in events production and management, dealing with everything from venue liaison to logistics for small, intimate occasions or large-scale gatherings.

Helena Dodge-Wan
Editor and book designer

Helena Dodge-Wan is an editor and layout designer based in Malaysia. With a background in biomedical science and an interest in the arts and humanities, she has edited manuscripts for both social sciences and natural sciences, dealing with aspects such as publishing management, substantive and copy editing, and proofreading.

Helena’s recent editorial projects include Anthropogenic Tropical Forests: Human–Nature Interfaces on the Plantation Frontier (2020) and International Labour Migration in the Middle East and Asia (2019), both for Springer, and Eclectic Cultures for All: The Development of the Peranakan Performing, Visual and Material Arts in Penang (2019) for USM Press. 

Helena is also an experienced book designer, working with authors and publishers to craft covers and interior layouts that capture the essence of their books. Recent design projects include Telltale Food: Writings from the Fay Khoo Award (2020), a special issue of the Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia (2020) and two volumes in the Hikayat Annual Literary Translation Lecture series.

Rosalie Corpuz
Researcher, writer and editor

Originally from Sabah, Malaysia, Rosalie Corpuz is a writer and editor, with many years of experience as a holistic researcher and consultant. Her portfolio for Impress Editorial takes in all aspects of editorial work from publishing management to copy editing and indexing, and high-level expertise in report writing.

With a background as freelance applied anthropologist, Rosalie has been delivering holistic research and symbiotic solutions that explore the intricate dynamics between the social and natural environments in Sabah, with conservation as a focal point. She has also worked with key decision makers from governmental agencies, financial institutions, international and local NGOs, private and multinational companies, and international donor agencies. Rosalie has a particular interest in sustainable tourism and local history, and she also edits for the journal of the Sabah Society.

Rosalie has published on her areas of expertise in books and journals. She holds an MBA from Cardiff Business School and an MSc from the International Centre for Responsible Tourism, Britain.

Marc de Faoite
Writer and editor

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Marc de Faoite is an experienced and well-regarded freelance writer and editor. For Impress Editorial, Marc deals with every aspect of editing work, from structural editing to copy editing, with a particular expertise in contemporary fiction.

His fiction editing projects include Damyanti Biswas’s bestselling novel You Beneath Your Skin, which has been optioned for a multi-part television drama, and the short-story anthologies The Principal Girl2020: An Anthology and Trash. He has also edited books on politics, history and the arts. 

Marc’s own book reviews, articles and short stories have been featured internationally both in print and online, including in Mekong Review, the Irish Times and Esquire. He was runner-up for the D.K. Dutt Award for Literary Excellence in both 2015 and 2016, and runner-up for the inaugural Fay Khoo Award for Food+Drink Writing in 2016. Tropical Madness, a collection of his short stories, was longlisted for the 2014 Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award.