We work with a range of emerging and established creative talents from the worlds of literary fiction, academic writing, visual arts, photography, performing arts and cultural festivals. Clients’ satisfaction is based on Impress Creative and Editorial’s great experience and exceptional professional approach.

Aida Redza
Dancer and choreographer

Ch’ng Kiah Kiean
Visual artist

Julian Rothenstein
Editor, designer and publisher

Nicolas Havette
Visual artist

Rebecca Duckett-Wilkinson
Visual artist

Robin Ruizendaal
Writer, illustrator and curator

Sandeep Ray
Writer and filmmaker

S.C. Shekar

Tay Cher Siang
Musician and composer

Vignes Balasingam
Photographer and curator

Welyne Jeffrey Jehom
Writer and curator

Marco Ferrarese

Illya Sumanto
Writer and spoken word artist