Publishers we have edited for

We have been commissioned to provide editing services for an eclectic range of publishers, including university presses, trade publishers, academic journals, independent imprints, museums, think tanks and development agencies – located in four continents.

Books we have edited

We have edited and helped to bring to print over eighty major book titles. Each book has its own unique requirements and our job is to find the best solutions – from overall coordination and management of a publishing project to the finely tuned skills of copy editing, proofreading and indexing.

Writers we have edited for

We have worked with more than four hundred writers over the last decade or so. Most – but not all – are academic scholars researching in fields as diverse as anthropology, cultural studies, history, international law, literary studies, performing arts, photography, politics, sociology, visual art, as well as memoirs and biographies. 

Selected designs

We have a growing portfolio of high-quality graphic design for both print and digital media. Our work includes stand-out posters for films, concerts and other events, signage and business products. The real speciality – our book designs – are a creative balance of form and function: strong cover images, beautiful typography, flowing page spreads and readability.