Impress Creative

Investing in ideas and inspiration

Our Inspiration

Talented creators are independent thinkers, cultural pioneers, thought leaders. They are the determined, the true believers. They’re a rare breed. These are the creators we invest in since we are committed to supporting their reputation, visibility and success. We love finding new talent and we’re in it for the long haul.

“It is not so much where my motivation comes from but rather how it manages to survive.”


Our Agents

Our agents are animated by an essential mix of intelligence and intuition that matches the vision of our creative clients. Drawing on years of experience and expertise working with publishers, performing arts venues, galleries, sponsors, funding bodies, festivals and media platforms, we are ideally placed to help creators fulfil the cultural and commercial impact they’re looking for. 

Our Services

Our agency represents a diverse range of creators who possess inspiring content and a strong vision, including writers, visual artists, photographers and performing artists. We are committed to enhancing every aspect of creators’ journeys – from deal-making to legal contracts and rights, from funding applications to brand management, from commissions to sponsorship, from everyday business demands to mentoring.

We represent a diverse list of writers working in a variety of genres: literary fiction, poetry, arts and humanities, social sciences, design and lifestyle. Guiding books to publication with our hands-on approach, our goal is to manage writers’ literary persona and career over the long term.

We are looking for the following manuscripts: exciting, original literary fiction and poetry, and high-quality and accessible non-fiction written by authors with clear and demonstrable expertise. Our goal is to find the publisher that best fits your needs.

We welcome new submissions.

We represent a groundbreaking roster of visual creators, encompassing painters, sculptors, installation artists, illustrators, comics artists, designers and photographers. We focus on investing in visual artists and photographers with innovative techniques, inspiring content and strong visions.

Our team is research-oriented, sensitive to creative trends and to the ever-evolving marketplace. Through a fusion of management, experience and guidance, we put creators in cultural and commercial partnerships with galleries, dealers, publishers, collectors and the media.

We also sell artworks at our online gallery to showcase artists’ work and put their own online portfolios in the right hands to accelerate career growth.

We welcome new submissions.

We represent a varied list of performing artists, including musicians, dancers, actors. While open to most genres, we are really passionate about cutting-edge music (jazz, indie, world music), dance, theatre and filmmaking.

Working to partner performing artists with promoters, event coordinators, venues, tour specialists, festivals and residencies, we aim to open up innovative ways to book gigs, secure performance and recording contracts, encourage intercultural cooperation and organise workshops – all in the name of great performances.

We welcome new submissions.

We are keen to partner with arts and cultural festivals of all kinds – celebrations of creativity without borders. We have particular experience and expertise in film, animation, music, photography and literary arts.

We are seeking to work with festival organisers or other clients who wish to be associated with festivals. They will benefit from our unique ability to shape concepts, programming and curation; to secure venues; to provide technical and logistical support; to book creative artists; and to produce and manage festival projects from conception to review.

We welcome new submissions.